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Jayne's Story

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Jayne's Story

Exactly 23 days

Hello everybody, I am Jayne from Manchester, UK. In October 2014 whilst on holiday on Devon, I discovered my husband was having an affair. Nothing unusual in that, it happens to people every day. For me it was devastating. It completely blindsided me as I did not expect it. I had always beleieved that eveything is solvable in a marriage except betrayal. I could never remain in a marriage where betrayal had become an ingredient of the relationship and so I packed my bag, took back my housekey and left him in Devon to make his way back to where ever. It certainly wasn't going to be MY house. I went to be with my son who was at uni in nearby Plymouth for a few days before driving back to my home in Manchester. What I then subsequently found out about the affair added to my descent into despair. Phone records, neighbours, names and so much more ensured I wasn't getting out of that vortex of despair anytime soon. I was emotionally dead.

I eventually did begin to re-emerge and had the most fantastic support from my children, my incredible girlfriends and most importantly of all MYSELF. I found me and as I slowly gained confidence in who I was and what I have to give I was even persuaded to go on a dating site. I actually met the man of everyones dreams (not just my own) and the people who loved me were enthralled by the beauty of my new relationship. However, one day in Nov 2016 I was stood in my bedroom contemplating how the hell I could have been betrayed yet again in such as spectaculalry different way. I was numb. 

As I picked myself up once again  a light bulb moment happened and I knew I had to create a happy ending for this woman. She could not possibly take anymore pain. She wouldn't survive it. And so the idea for a novel was borne and I spent the next few months researching, writing, re-writing, editing and finally self publishing my debut novel Exactly 23 days by Jayne Higgins. It is dedicated to women everywhere and the need to support the sisterhood. The reviews are humbling and inspiring with people describing it as unputdownable, relatable, sad, hilarious and people waiting for my next book. To have my chick lit, rom/com described as such by women is very very flattering but to then have men using words such as 'absofuckinglutelylovedit' and being unable to wait to get back to the night shift at work to carry on reading it and also telling me that they can't wait for the next book is quite frankly a huge compliment. Men don't usually get us girls... right. My book is available on Amazon, apple iBooks, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble as well as directly from the publishers https://completelynovel.com/books/exactly-23-days and Rebecca I would be delighted to gift you a signed copy. I am a retired probation officer who had early med retirement due to ill health at the age of 51 and 2 years later found out about my husbands affair. I wrote this book and published it myself. I am my own marketing manager. I am my own shop window. I work damn hard every day trying to find ways to get my words out there to other women and help them to know that they CAN and they WILL recover from betrayal. It was always my dream to write. Make sure you follow your dreams, chase them, catch them and then live them to the full. You can do it. My book will always be out there in the world now and for that I am very very proud. Us women are formidable when we have to be. Thank you all for reading and if you want to connect with me I am on Facebook Jayne Higgins. Twitter @jayhiggins61 and Instagram Jayne Higgins and I also have a blog jaynelouisehiggins@blogspot.co.uk 

Written by Jayne Higgins


Marc Hinton

Thanks for sharing Jayne, such an inspiration.

06/03/2017 - 11:53am